Tara Hanson

Career Growth Opportunities

Current Job:
Vice President of Operations,
UniWyo Credit Union

Previous Positions Held:
I started as a teller, then moved up to the following positions: Member Services Representative, Visa Coordinator, Teller Department Manager then VP of Operations.

How did you get into the industry?

When I graduated from college with an education degree, I needed to find a job with benefits so I took a Teller position with a credit union.

What kind of opportunities do you think there for those wanting to get into this industry?
It is smart to get into this industry at any level. There are always opportunities for advancement. Something will always open up if you are willing to work hard.

What do you see is a major benefit to working for a credit union?
Although there are many, one of the best benefits is the opportunity to continue education and training, both outside the credit union and within it. Everyone is willing to teach one another about their departments and how they function.

Do you think this is a place where your ideas count?
This is an important part of the credit union business. We’re always looking for new ideas, and ideas are solicited from everyone no matter what their position or title. Everyone has input as to what happens here.

What are some differences of working for a credit union verses other industries?
Credit Unions are “member focused” so we really care about our members. We are very service oriented and not just looking at the bottom line. Also, all the employees are very much like a family. You can talk to anyone at anytime. It’s a very relaxed culture compared to other industries. We really care about each other and our members.
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